FREE gift for the girls

This week a super cute Fitted Mesh short robe (5 sizes) + mesh body compatible versions included (Slink, Maitreya, Belleza)! Best of all – it’s a FREE GIFT for GothiCatz customers and visitors! ❤️ Up at the store for a LIMITED TIME!

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New for men – full outfits Wendell and Marshall

Snapshot_019 AD Snapshot_020 AD

735-Wendell ADSnapshot_014 ADSnapshot_008 AD736-Marshall ad

New releases for men this week are Wendell and Marshall. Rigged mesh full outfits in 5 standard sizes (XS,S,M,L,XL) all included. Outfit comes in 2 pieces – merged shirts + merged jeans and sneakers and alpha layers.

Also available at the online store SL Marketplace : WendellMarshall 


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2 new releases for women this week: Nyx and Lamya

734-Lamya AD
Lamya : stunning Fitted mesh dress (in 5 standard sizes) +  mesh body versions included and bracelets (menu driven resizers).

733-Nyx AD
Nyx : Fitted mesh top with shawl in 5 sizes + mesh body versions included in the pack*, 5 color hairs specially adapted to wear under the shawl. Rigged mesh shorts in 5 sizes, system layer sheer leggings, wrinkles boots (resize menu).
* note that only the top comes with mesh body compatible versions, they are merely extras in the pack!

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Also available online :  Lamya and Nyx
The New Year’s FREE gift will be available at the store only until this weekend!

Happy New Year! GothiCatz FREE GIFT!

732-Peace AD
There’s a little gift for the girls at the store! Happy New Year! Much love and Peace!
And Thank You!♡ Looloo Beck

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New GothiCatz for Men – Sevenights – Dec 17

731-Sevenights ADRigged Mesh 5 sizes – HUD controlled 7 colors
loungewear / sleepwear for men is out!

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Also available online



New! Nana – Hud controlled outfit (Dec 10)

730-Nana AdThere is a new release for women at the store. Fitted mesh HUD controlled outfit with 4 colors.
Loose V neck sweater and leggings in 5 standard sizes (XS,S,M,L,XL) + extra versions for mesh bodies Belleza, Maitreya, Slink Physique and Hourglass*
* Because Maitreya and Belleza don’t not provide the base shape, you may have to do tiny adjusts to your shape and use your mesh body alpha hud to fit the dress right.

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Also available online SL Marketplace.



New Full Outfit for Men with options! Mads! Dec 3rd

Full outfit for men with rigged mesh cargo pants in 5 sizes; hud controlled tank in 5 sizes and 4 colors to choose from and mesh shoes with menu driven resizes. Versatile, super realistic textures, great fit!

729-Mads AD

Product also available online

New GothiCatz – Lua – HUD controlled 6 colors. Nov 26

New release this week: Lua – Fitted mesh tank dress with belt in 5 sizes
(+ extra versions Maitreya, Belleza and Slink Physique)*
HUD controlled with 6 pastel colors to choose from.
728-Lua Ad

*  Because Maitreya and Belleza don’t not provide the base shape, you may have to do tiny adjusts to your shape and use your mesh body alpha hud to fit the dress right.

Also available online – SL Marketplace.

New GothiCatz : Frika and Eden – Nov 12

This week, 2 new releases for women:
727-Frika Ad726-Eden AD
SL Marketplace – ONLINE:

New GothiCatz! Happy Halloween! Oct 29 – 2015

New release of the week is a new version of Nimue in black and purple. Witch!
Rigged mesh dress in 5 sizes with base, system fingerless gloves and fishnet top.
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725-Nimue (witch) Ad
And don’t miss the discounted and FREE Halloween outfits available at the store ONLY this week!
New items added today.

Halloween 2015 GothiCatz

Halloween season at GothiCatz is officially open!
New release of the week:
Mystica – Beautiful themed dress with belt in 5 sizes (Rigged Mesh and Fitted Mesh included).
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723-Mystica AD
I’m setting a big panel with FREE and Discounted items from past years in case you missed them.

New @ GothiCatz – Roxy – Oct 1st

New release! Full outfit for girls composed by knit bat wing cardigan with fur (rigged mesh in 5 sizes); leather mini dress (rigged mesh 5 sizes); highly detailed fishnet leggings (system layer); punk studded stiletto boots (mesh with menu driven resizers).  Fashionable pieces to be worn together or separately composing unique looks!
722-Roxy AD
Also available online . SL Marketplace

New @ GothiCatz – full outfit for men “Signor” – Sep 17th

New full outfit for men is out at GothiCatz.
Rigged Mesh elegant outfit (coat, vest, shirt, trousers and belt)  in one piece, comes in all 5 standard sizes.  Mesh matching formal shoes with menu driven resizers.
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721-Signor AdSL Marketplace buy ONLINE

New GothiCatz – “Reliquia”

New full outfit for girls in a more gothic/dark style.
The blouse is Rigged Mesh in 5 sizes, boots and neck accessory with menu driven resizers and system leggings in layer options.
720-Reliquia ADDon’t miss the FREE gift still available at the store! :)    Teleport to GothiCatz   
buy online 

New @ GothiCatz! Another amazing Free Gift + New release for girls!

There is a Limited Time FREE gift at the store this week!
Rigged mesh GothiCatz Promo babydoll lingerie in 5 sizes.
Yummy color, super sexy and GothiCatz! ^^

719-Promo Babydoll AD

If you like it you can also buy for a great price the HUD Controlled product with 8 stunning versions!
718-Babydoll AD
         Also available online