Maybe you have been asking yourselves why am I not lauching about 3 or 4 new outfits every week anymore. Well, copycats and DMCAs are completelly “eating” my time I should be spending creating! It’s been frustrating! Its getting worser everyday and eventually the creators in Second Life will stop creating. Srly!

Can you imagine SL without fresh new products to see and without shopping ? 
At least I can count on GothiCatz huge following to report thieves and theft sites, you always find them! Thank you so much for your colaboration! 😉
The most thievery increases, the most real creators get discouraged! Its an everyday issue we have to deal with, and its really drainning our energy! We share black lists and all and try to support each others but we need LindenLab supporting us as well wich is not happening unfortunelly, we are by ourselves.
I ‘ll try to keep up my work (in the rare moments I’m not too busy with DMCAs)! :/
I’ll be releasing a few new outfits the next days that are almost done, and then I’ll have to decide what its gonna be from then on. 
Its just a brief notice to my dear costumers that are IMing me in world all the time about when the new releases are comming out! 😉  Take care and thanks a lot for everything! 😉