I finished this outfit a couple of weeks ago, released a few others in the meanwhile, but I’ve been wearing this since then, and loving it! 😉 If you are a fan of the outfit “Time”you’re gonna love adding this one to your collection! “Blossom” is composed by low rise unbuttoned destroyed jeans, rich in details and with new sculpted cuffs; sexy semi-buttoned shirt with sculpted collar and sleeves; lace trimmed matching panties.

* model is wearing Truth hair; Curio skin

There’s so much going on in Second Life in this moment, the new Viewer 2.0, a completely new experience; Third-party viewers New Policy and others. I’m not a good blogger thou, thats why is better keep this “blog” as products update site only for now! 😉 But yes, theres a lot going on, and soon I’ll add a BlogRoll on the side bar with some blogs I read and recommend. ;D
I apologise the lag lag lag at GothiCatz, specially on new realease days, the sim is super busy, but I want customers to have a great experience at the store so I’m seeking solutions that may help to reduce lag.
Hope you are all having lots of fun in Second Life!