Double male releases at GothiCatz today!
Legion (male) outfit composed by highly detailed sculpted camo jacket composed by base (as jacket), sculpted bottom, sleeves and collar; bloody bullet holes shirt (layer options) with sculpted rolled up sleeves; ultra realistic blood stained jeans (mod) with sculpted cuffs. 


The new amazing MESH* boots by Threeeighty! Outlander Boots: Ultra realistic textures, perfect fit, versatile and (yeah) super stylish!
Perfect match with most of your GothiCatz outfits. It comes with 2 pairs included “High calf” and “inpants” version to be worn with your pants cuffs. 
(* mesh product: requires SL viewer 3 or other mesh compatible).

Both already available at GorhiCatz store inworld and ONLINE:

>>GothiCatz<< Legion (male).

[380] Outlander Boots Brown