Dear GothiCatz loyal customers,
GothiCatz is celebrating its 5th Anniversary and I would like to say THANK YOU for your support and being always enthusiastic about the weekly releases all these years!
GothiCatz keep on striving for best quality products and impeccable customer service. 
This month we have this amazing exclusive unisex Free Gift for group members (minimum 15 days of membership required this time). All you have to do is teleport to GothiCatz, touch the vendor and get your Graffiti Voyager shoes FOR FREE!
If you’re still not a member, become one by touching the Subscription board at the entrance of the store.
The Free Gift will be available until the end of this month.
*Vendor is set to L$ 0 for +15 days members and regular price for everyone else! 
Enjoy your free gift and have fun in Second Life!
Looloo Beck
GothiCatz Graffiti Voyager  – created in collaboration with Threeeighty shoes (GothiCatz – 1st floor)