Now we have appliers for Lolas Tango mesh breasts being sold separately at the store – look up for the little boxes placed at bottom right of the vendors.
Added appliers for 50 outfits in this first batch, they are the following:
Anarchy, April, Aranel, Aurora, Belle Coper/Blue, Belle Silver/Black, Blake, Bohemia (Black), Bohemia (Red), Bonita, Cabernet, Chaotica, Conspiracy, CrazyinLove, CryBabe, DarkSaga, DarkSider, DarkStalker, DazzlingMermaid, Deity, Delice, Delilah, Destruction, Destruction (mono), Deviant, Dolcezza, Echo, Elite, Evoke, Frisson, FullMoon, Gaia, Isla, Legend, Lick, Lola, Luau, NightDelight, Paris, Pivot, Presence, Saga, Sangria, Seduction, Shushu, Soiree, Solstice, Surya, Tormenter, Turquoise, Unquiet.
(more coming soon!)
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