New release for girls – Stunning Fitted Mesh long tail dresses in 4 colors.
Fitted mesh garments respond to avatar shape sliders which means when you edit your shape, the Fitted Mesh clothes you are wearing move along with your body! 
The regular rigged mesh version is also included in each pack. You choose what works better for you.


More 20 Appliers for Lolas Tango added to the store this week, outfits:
Crush, Domination, Drusilla, Enya, Heat, Inferno, Kiera, Krim, Lazuli, Loshi, Minerva, Kyria, Miyako, Obsidian, Origin, Origin Mono, Osiria, Recall, Scarlett, Verve.
More coming out every week.
The appliers are available at the store in world only. 
We take suggestions! Send IM to GothiCatz CS Virko Shilova.