2 New releases for women – Nell and Lazuli

757-Nell AD

Nell is mini shorts and top/bralet Mesh 5 sizes + Fitted Mesh 5 sizes + mesh body compatible versions Slink, Maitreya and Belleza. Beautiful textures, great fit and super versatile pieces. Teleport to GothiCatz or buy it online.


756-Lazuli AD

Lazuli is the blue/silver version of the best seller Lamya, due to requests. The dress is fitted mesh in 5 sizes + mesh body compatible versions Slink Physique and Hourglass, Belleza venus and Maitreya. Mesh bangles / bracelets with menu driven resizer.

Teleport to GothiCatz. Also available online.


New GothiCatz – HUD controlled Summer dress

755-Summer ADBecause of requests, a more summery version of the mini dress Shae, released a few months ago. Fitted Mesh in 5 standard sizes + mesh body compatible versions (Slink, Belleza and Maitreya). HUD controlled – 8 colors! Teleport to GothiCatz. Also available online.


New Free Gifts! SL 13 years!


FREE rigged mesh tops male and female celebrating 13 years of Second Life (it’s almost 10 years of GothiCatz!). Already up at the store!  TELEPORT TO GOTHICATZ !


New GothiCatz for women – Mori (lavender and lagoon)

751-Mori (lavender) AD 752-Mori (lagoon) AD

Stunning corset mini dresses with matching ballerina flats.  Teleport to GothiCatz  – the FREE gifts are still up at the store in SL.

Also available online :  Mori lavender / Mori lagoon


New Full outfit for women – Astra

750-Astra ADNew GothiCatz, this week for girls. Street style full outfit Astra. Rigged Mesh hoodie (5 sizes included), system layer cropped top, rigged mesh pants (5 sizes included), mesh high top sneakers with menu driven resizes. DEMO available at the store in SL. Teleport to GothiCatz! Don’t miss the AWESOME free gifts still up and waiting for you at the store!!!


New release for men + Free gift for girls!

749-Niall AD

The new release for men “Niall” is a one piece outfit composed by jeans and hoodie. Comes in 5 standard sizes.  DEMO available at the store in world for the black version “Kuro”- same fit. Also available online.

Model wears shoes “Fusion – Black” available at the store 2nd floor. Teleport to GothiCatz.


748-Lovely AD

NEW FREE gift for girls is out at GothiCatz! This cute and sexy mini kimono lingerie for your lounging moments – rigged mesh with 5 sizes included! TELEPORT NOW!


2 new releases – black versions : Kira and Ode (True Black)

746-Kira AD

Fitted Mesh leather jacket and high waist leggings, each in 5 standard sizes + Maitreya and Slink compatible versions. Teleport to GothiCatz now and try the DEMO before you buy.

Also available online. (Demo only at the store in world)


747-Ode (True Black) AD

Due to requests, here is a new version of the outfit “Ode” , now in black. Rigged mesh hooded coat with pants (1 piece) in 5 standard sizes, boots and gloves with menu driven resizes. Teleport to GothiCatz store.

Also available online.


New GothiCatz for women – Lora

745-Lora AD


Leather outfit composed by jacket and high waist skinny pants. Each comes in all 5 standard sizes (XS,S,M,L,XL) + mesh body compatible versions Maitreya and Slink. Great fit! Stunning textures! Must have pieces in your wardrobe! Visit the store. Teleport to GothiCatz!

Also available online.


New GothiCatz – Michelle – 5 colors HUD controlled

744-Michelle AD

This super sexy Rigged Mesh dress comes in 5 stunning colors – HUD controlled. Excellent fit! Full DEMO (with HUD) available at the store – Teleport to GothiCatz .  Also available online


NEW GothiCatz : Kuro and Lumina

742-Lumina AD

New Fitted Mesh HUD controlled outfit for girls. 5 colors, 5 sizes, great fit! With extra mesh body compatible versions included (Slink, Slink Hourglass, Belleza and Maitreya). Teleport to GothiCatz. Also available ONLINE.



Rigged Mesh one piece outfit for men (pants + hoodie) in 5 sizes. Try the DEMO at the store before you buy. Product also available ONLINE (demo only at the store in world).

Snapshot_019 EDIT ADSnapshot_011 EDIT AD


Didn’t get your FREE gift??? They are still up waiting for you at the store! Teleport to GothiCatz.


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New FREE GIFT – for men – Logo Black Robe

741-Logo Black Robe AD

As I promised, here is the FREE GIFT for men, available at the store. Its a Rigged Mesh GothiCatz logo black bathrobe in 5 sizes. Will be up for a limited time! Hope you like it!

Don’t forget to check out the store. I’ll be glad with your visit!  Teleport to GothiCatz now!


New GothiCatz – Pandemonium – full outfit female.

740-Pandemonium AD

740-Pandemonium promo AD

This week another full outfit for girls. Rigged mesh corseted dress comes in 5 sizes, system leggings in layer options and mesh shoes with menu driven resizes. Visit the store in SL for much more!

Outfit is also available online.    ❤️   Teleport to GothiCatz


New GothiCatz! Reliquia new versions Ruby and Blue.

738-Reliquia (Ruby) ADGC poster Snapshot_00 AD739-Reliquia (Blue) ADGC poster botas Snapshot_006 AD

I’ve had lots of requests on making the full outfit Reliquia (originally black) in colors like Ruby red and Royal Blue. Here they are! Rigged Mesh blouse/dress in 5 sizes, system layer leggings, neck accessory and mesh boots with menu driven resizes. (Outfit not suitable for mesh bodies).

The FREE GIFT is still available at the store – see the previous post!

The new outfits are also available at SL Marketplace online store: Reliquia (Ruby) and Reliquia (Blue)

Teleport to GothiCatz


FREE gift for the girls

This week a super cute Fitted Mesh short robe (5 sizes) + mesh body compatible versions included (Slink, Maitreya, Belleza)! Best of all – it’s a FREE GIFT for GothiCatz customers and visitors! ❤️ Up at the store for a LIMITED TIME!

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New for men – full outfits Wendell and Marshall

Snapshot_019 AD Snapshot_020 AD

735-Wendell ADSnapshot_014 ADSnapshot_008 AD736-Marshall ad

New releases for men this week are Wendell and Marshall. Rigged mesh full outfits in 5 standard sizes (XS,S,M,L,XL) all included. Outfit comes in 2 pieces – merged shirts + merged jeans and sneakers and alpha layers.

Also available at the online store SL Marketplace : WendellMarshall 


Visit the store – Teleport to GothiCatz