New GothiCatz for girls – Mei

One piece outfit – sweater with 4 colors in the HUD and skirt (pieces cannot be worn separately). Fits your Classic Avatars and all your favorite Mesh Bodies*

*minor tweaks may be required on your Alpha HUD for perfect fit. Full DEMO available at the store.  Telepoprt to GothiCatz  now! Or buy it ONLINE.


New release female – Mandy

Due to requests: “Maji” retextured in color options that are neutral and super versatile. This time black leather pants and wrap shirt with 4 colors included in the HUD, long necklace comes in silver. Fits your favorite Mesh Bodies and Classic avatars. Minor tweaks on your Alpha HUD may be required for some body shapes. Excellent combo!  Available at the store: teleport to GothiCatz. Or buy ONLINE.


New for women – Maji

Outfit “Maji” is out at GothiCatz. Fitted Mesh in 5 sizes + mesh body compatible versions (total 16 different fit options).Minor tweaks on your Alpha HUD may be required for some body shapes. Includes long necklace, menu driven resizer.

Teleport to GothiCatz. Product also available ONLINE

*model in the photo on Slink Physique Mesh body, head LeLutka, hair Truth.


New for Girls!

Super cool new GothiCatz for girls this week! “Sisi” outfit composed by low rise skinny pants, loose hooded sweater and awesome kitty headphones! The clothes are Fitted Mesh compatible with Classic avatars and your favorite Mesh bodies! All sizes included! Headphones with menu driven resisers (deletable). Minor tweaks on your Alpha HUD may be required for some body shapes.

 Teleport to GothiCatz for this and much more! ^^  Don’t miss the free gifts at the store while they’re still up!  Product also available online.

Model in the photo wears Slink Physique mesh body; Truth Hair, LeLutka mesh head.


New for men! Fitted Mesh Lounge shorts.

This pack includes fitted Mesh lounge shorts for Classic Avatars and mesh bodies compatible versions Slink Physique, Signature Gianni and TMP (The Mesh project). It comes in 8 colors all included in the HUD. Must have basic  item! Full DEMO with hud available at the store. Teleport to GothiCatz . You can also buy it ONLINE.

*GothiCatz model on Slink Physique body


New GothiCatz – Full Outfit – Tanya

New release is out at the store. Cargo pants, top and combat boots. Fitted Mesh in 16 sizes, fit your favorite Mesh bodies and Classic avatars! Boots with menu driven resizers (deletable).

Teleport to GothiCatz

Product also available ONLINE


Tori – new outfit for women

Fitted Mesh wrap top and mini skirt with belt – for Mesh Bodies and Classic avatars! Mesh bangles bracelets included!  Teleport to GothiCatz for this and much more! Don’t miss the exclusive Free gifts available at the store in world!

Product also available online.

model wears Slink Physique mesh body


Asa2 – light color due to requests! ^^

I have got many requests of outfit Asa in lighter color and I love the result! It fits Classic SL avatars and your favorite Mesh Bodies (little adjustments on your Alpha HUD may be needed).

 Full DEMO available only at the store. Teleport to GothiCatz!  – or buy the product ONLINE.


Asa – new GothiCatz for women.

New outfit for women is out! Fitted mesh pieces (Capri thorn pants and tied crop shirt) in all sizes and compatible with your favorite mesh bodies. (You might need to use your mesh body Alpha HUD for perfect adjustments in some cases).

Model in the picture on Slink Physique. Teleport to GothiCatz! 

Or Buy ONLINE . Don’t miss the Free Gifts available only at the store in world.


Basic Sets – Clio

Basic summer sets of pocket shorts and HUD controlled top (4 colors – Rose or Indigo tones). Fit your favorite Mesh bodies and Classic avatars!

Teleport to GothiCatz !  Products also available ONLINE: Clio 1 and Clio 2.

*model in the pictures wearing Slink Physique version.


New GothiCatz – Patty

Gorgeous high waist dress with lovely cupcakes pattern in 4 yummy colors. Fit your favorite Mesh bodies and Classic SL avatars! Model in the picture wears Slink Physique version included.

Full DEMO available at the store. Teleport to GothiCatz ! Also available online .


New release for women – Nani

 Summer Fitted Mesh outfit with super versatile pieces. You’re gonna love the mini skirt with belt and top that comes in 8 colors! Works with your favorite mesh bodies and classic avatars.

Teleport to GothiCatz store in world.  Also available online.



New GothiCatz for women!

Awesome new release for girls! Denim pocket shorts and top in 4 colors ( HUD controlled). Fitted Mesh in standard 5 sizes + 10 Mesh body compatible versions!

Teleport to GothiCatz – Don’t forget to check out the last releases and grab the GothiCatz 10th Bday Free gift!  This product is also available online .


10th BDay FREE gift for men is out!

Teleport to GothiCatz !!!   Don’t forget to check out the new releases for men!


Free Gift for women – Hud controlled T-shirt 8 colors – GothiCatz 10th Birthday

Limited time Free gift for women – Celebrating 10 years of GothiCatz in SL. Fitted Mesh t-shirt comes in 5 sizes for Classic SL avatars and 10 mesh bodies compatible versions. 8 stunning colors in the HUD.

Male version and other gifts coming soon! Teleport to GothiCatz store.