New GothiCatz “Tuli”

Due to many requests over this week here is a new color option for the previous release. This time lighter tones for the top parts and darker denim shorts.

Teleport to GothiCatz. Product also available on SL Marketplace online.


New GothiCatz “Ninon”

New outfit for girls is out at GothiCatz! You’re gonna love these super detailed ripped denim booty shorts, top and cropped sweater set. It come with a total of 15 sizes of each piece included in the pack, compatible with your favorite mesh body and with classic SL avatars. Teleport to GothiCatz. Product also available online.


New for Girls – HUD controlled outfit “Lottie”

Fitted Mesh, one piece outfit with 4 color themes in pastel tones included in the HUD. Fitted Mesh comes with 5 sizes (XS,S,M,L,XL), alpha layer, mesh body compatible versions included.
For Mesh body users, you may need to do ALPHA adjustments on your mesh body HUD for perfect fit! Teleport to the GothiCatz ! Also available online.


Free Gift for men at GothiCatz

LIMITED TIME – Rigged Mesh boxers underwear in 5 standard sizes (XS,S,M,L,XL) – 2 colors included! FREE for grabs only until the weekend! Teleport to GothiCatz .


New release for girls with 50% OFF until this weekend!

Sexy silky cami romper with laces, 2 colors included. Fitted Mesh 5 sizes + mesh body compatible versions Slink Physique, Maitreya and Belleza ( model in photo wears Slink Physique ). Teleport to GothiCatz. Also available online.

Special offer:  50% OFF only until this weekend and only at the store in world!


New GothiCatz for women – Lou in pink and blue

This week at GothiCatz! Lou outfit in 2 color versions Pink and Blue. Fitted Mesh jacket and mini skirt in 5 sizes + Slink Physique and Maitreya mesh body compatible versions. DEMO (color blue) available at the store in world.

Teleport to GothiCatz!

Products also available online : GothiCatz Lou (pink) / Lou (blue)


New releases male (Kento) and female (Mira)

For Men: Rigged Mesh outfit Kento. Merged open shirt and t-shirts in 4 color options (Maroon, Navy and Purple), come in 4 sizes + Drop style pants in 5 sizes + Alpha layers. Fits Classic SL avatars and some Mesh bodies with Alpha adjustments on your body HUD. Try the Full DEMO available at the store – Teleport to GothiCatz.   ( Buy online )


For women: HUD controlled mini dress with 4 colors included. Dark shades of Plum, Grape, Slate and Copper. Fitted Mesh in 5 sizes (XS,S,M, L, XL) with Alpha Layer + mesh body compatible versions Slink Physique and Hourglass, Belleza Freya, Isis and Venus, Maitreya, eBody, Tonic Vurvy and Fine and TMP – all included! Excellent fit! Try the Full DEMO available at the store in world – Teleport to GothiCatz.   (Buy online)


Happy New Year! New releases for women – Lara 1 and 2

Must have Fitted Mesh long sleeves dresses your gonna LOVE! Compatible with Classic SL avatars AND mesh bodies: Slink Physique and Hourglass, Belleza, Maitreya and TMP (you may need to do quick ALPHA adjustments on your mesh body HUD to achieve the most perfect fit! 2 packs each one with 4 colors in the HUD.

Try on the Full DEMOS – at the store in world – teleport to GothiCatz.  Products also available ONLINE – Lara 1 / Lara 2 .

Model wears: Slink Physique Mesh Body – Slink mesh hands and Feet – Lelutka Mesh head Simone – Truth Hair


Star – sequin party dress

Sequin party dresses with 4 colors included in the HUD. Fitted Mesh 5 standard sizes + 10 Mesh Body compatible versions. MUST HAVE! Full DEMOs available at the store. Teleport to GothiCatz. Or buy online.