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The Little Pumpkin Dress – Limited Time FREE gift at the store Oct 28th

This week I decided to put the new release up as a free gift – girls only this time! Hope you love it!!!
Its gonna be up as free item only until Halloween!

Teleport to GothiCatz
Don’t forget to check out the last releases! 
The unisex Ghost Costume/avatar is still up as free item at the store. 

It’s almost Halloween! FREE gift at the GothiCatz!

Come grab yours while its up!!!
more coming soon! 

GothiCatz FREE GIFT for men! 14 Aug 2014

AWESOME Limited Time Summer FREE GIFTS for men this week.
Teleport to GothiCatz and grab yours @ male section while you can!
 Aloha (blue and coral) rigged mesh beach shorts.

Limited Time FREE Gift ! – 7 Aug 2014

This week’s outfit is FREE @ female section!

Join the Updates Group by touching one of the subscription boards at the store.
(it’s an online group and won’t take a group slot)
Don’t forget to bring your friends! 

GothiCatz FREE gift! Rigged Mesh Fashion Tees male and female.

The week starts with Rigged Mesh AWESOME GothiCatz Fashion Tees!
Double tees – 2 colors – for girls
Hooded tees – 2 colors – for men
They come in 5 standard sizes.
Join the updates group to get notified in world of new releases, discounts and awesome gifts.
Touch the Subscription board at the entrance of the store. It won’t take any in world group slots.
Next gifts will be EXCLUSIVE for members!


Free gift for members – celebrating Halloween and Muertos!

click to enlarge

Hi everyone! Putting up a set of 4 long sleeved unisex t-shirts as gift for group members. If you are in GothiCatz Updates online group you just touch the vendor at the store and get the shirts for FREE!

(attention: not free for non members).

If you’re not group member yet, become one by touching the subscription board at the entrance of the store. Only customers with minimum 3 day membership are eligible!

Go to the store —- > teleport to GothiCatz


Free Gift for Group Members! GothiCatz Graffit Voyager

Dear GothiCatz loyal customers,
GothiCatz is celebrating its 5th Anniversary and I would like to say THANK YOU for your support and being always enthusiastic about the weekly releases all these years!
GothiCatz keep on striving for best quality products and impeccable customer service. 
This month we have this amazing exclusive unisex Free Gift for group members (minimum 15 days of membership required this time). All you have to do is teleport to GothiCatz, touch the vendor and get your Graffiti Voyager shoes FOR FREE!
If you’re still not a member, become one by touching the Subscription board at the entrance of the store.
The Free Gift will be available until the end of this month.
*Vendor is set to L$ 0 for +15 days members and regular price for everyone else! 
Enjoy your free gift and have fun in Second Life!
Looloo Beck
GothiCatz Graffiti Voyager  – created in collaboration with Threeeighty shoes (GothiCatz – 1st floor)

GothiCatz 5 Years! Summer FREE gifts for group members! July 10th

Awesome swimsuit sets “Granite and Acquamarine” male and female are available at the store and they are totally FREE for GothiCatz group members* .

* minimum 5 days membership is required this time.
The Updates Subscription board is located at the entrance of the store for non members to join.
If you join today you will be able to pick the gifts in 5 days. The gift boards will be up until July 31.

Teleport to GothiCatz.


Happy New Year!

3/4 sleeve shirts in layer options – red and blue versions (SHIRTS ONLY) with printed ancient calendar stone.

 – Celebrating the new year the “TwentyTwelve” pack is set as an exclusive gift for group members only at the store inworld and for a limited time (from Dec 30 – 2011). Members must have at least 5 days membership to apply – become a member now by touching the subscription board at GothiCatz store in SL.
They are also for sale ONLINE.

Exclusive FREE gift for Group members!

Halloween themed (unisex) PJs/loungewear absolutely FREE for GothiCatz group members! Staying home on Halloween???
Get down to the store inworld, touch the “vendors”, wait a few seconds the processing time and get your free gifts!!!
( you must have a minimum 5 days membership to apply. If you are not a group member yet, become one by touching the subscription kiosk at the entrance of the store).
Happy Halloween!!!!!


American Holiday – Group members GIFT!!!

American Holiday swimsuit sets – male and female – exclusive gift for group members!
Group members just touch the vendor to get the item for FREE!
Non members can join touching one of the subscription kiosks at the store!
Visit GothiCatz store inworld.

GothiCatz craziness!!!!!! Free random gifts!!!

YAY!!!!! We had a blast!!! 85 outfits ( all GothiCatz classics from the first collections) dropped on people wearing GothiCatz tag! It was SO MUCH FUN!!! Thanks for coming! Let’s do it again!!! ;D Thanks for supporting original content in Second Life, thanks for reporting illegal content! I really enjoyed you all coming to get your gifts!

Looloo Beck

Happy Holidays! ;D

Free Gift for group members!

Happy2011 – Lounge wear – 2 unisex sets of v-neck shirts and boxer shorts – colors Teal and Lavender.
Wear your GothiCatz group tag and click the gift board at the store to get your gift! Its for a limited time only! Enjoy! 😉

Happy New Year!!! Another gift!

I made these cool thorn tank tops, male and female, as a lil gift for group members! They will go with all GothiCatz jeans and leather pants… and look sexy, sexy, sexy!!!!!!! Happy 2010!


Gift for group members! October Cardigans.

Just sent out for GothiCatz group members 2 packs of “October Cardigans” in 4 colors ( Black, brown, red and purple) to go with all your GothiCatz jeans or leather pants. One give out! Now selling at the store. 😉