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New release for girls – Cat

763-Cat AD

Fitted Mesh one piece outfit in 5 standard sizes + mesh body compatible versions: Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass, Belleza, Maitreya and now TMP! Mesh cord necklace included! Teleport to GothiCatz.  Also available ONLINE.

Last week of Summer’16 sets male and female FREE gifts! Grab your if you still didn’t!


2 New releases for women – Nell and Lazuli

757-Nell AD

Nell is mini shorts and top/bralet Mesh 5 sizes + Fitted Mesh 5 sizes + mesh body compatible versions Slink, Maitreya and Belleza. Beautiful textures, great fit and super versatile pieces. Teleport to GothiCatz or buy it online.


756-Lazuli AD

Lazuli is the blue/silver version of the best seller Lamya, due to requests. The dress is fitted mesh in 5 sizes + mesh body compatible versions Slink Physique and Hourglass, Belleza venus and Maitreya. Mesh bangles / bracelets with menu driven resizer.

Teleport to GothiCatz. Also available online.


Too Sexy Magazine featuring GothiCatz – Oct 2012

Click the pics to enlarge.
Read full article and interview here : Too Sexy Magazine – Oct 2012

Thanks so much Sahara Mehrtens, Jordan Whitt and everyone involved.


LuckyChairs update at GothiCatz!

Hello everyone! We made an update on Lucky Chairs including new items and additional chairs! Now there are more than 50 items from the first collections! Come and get them at the back of the store!

Teleport to GothiCatz.



Prices slashed down at GothiCatz second floor – female section! Great opportunity to fill the gaps in your GothiCatz wardrobe buying outfits from past collections 30 – 70% OFF!

The Best of SL magazine – April 2010 issue

Thanks to all BOSL magazine wonderfull team for the amazing work featuring GothiCatz.

You can read the April issue through the BOSL magazine web site clicking here: read April issue – online.
Or, you can get the magazine in world, from the kiosk located at GothiCatz (right side on the entrance) just take a copy of the magazine and “wear” to read.

Thank You for the award!

Thank you Vain Inc. readers for nominating GothiCatz as best neko wear. 😉


No Biting rule

Everybody knows I love and respect Vampires and I hope they respect my place not attacking its visitors and customers! 😉 Thanks a lot all Vampires and Clans for understanding! 😉


Off Price items for girls!

New items will be added  from times to times – female session, at GothiCatz 2nd floor. Enjoy!


LuckyChairs at GothiCatz – this weekend!

Hey girls! This friday I decided to launch 3 LuckyChairs at the store giving out 10 female outfits from the first collection (July/Aug/Sep 2007). I got surprised with the crowd! The Island reached its limit of visitors in a minute! o.0 Due to the critical lag caused by the SIM overload,  the chairs will remain for a limited time, until this Sunday (Feb 22th), but they will be back eventually, from times to times, in special ocasions with new additions probably! 😉 I’m glad so many people got great prizes from  GothiCatz  and thank you everyone for participating! 😉


brief notice to costumers

Maybe you have been asking yourselves why am I not lauching about 3 or 4 new outfits every week anymore. Well, copycats and DMCAs are completelly “eating” my time I should be spending creating! It’s been frustrating! Its getting worser everyday and eventually the creators in Second Life will stop creating. Srly!

Can you imagine SL without fresh new products to see and without shopping ? 
At least I can count on GothiCatz huge following to report thieves and theft sites, you always find them! Thank you so much for your colaboration! 😉
The most thievery increases, the most real creators get discouraged! Its an everyday issue we have to deal with, and its really drainning our energy! We share black lists and all and try to support each others but we need LindenLab supporting us as well wich is not happening unfortunelly, we are by ourselves.
I ‘ll try to keep up my work (in the rare moments I’m not too busy with DMCAs)! :/
I’ll be releasing a few new outfits the next days that are almost done, and then I’ll have to decide what its gonna be from then on. 
Its just a brief notice to my dear costumers that are IMing me in world all the time about when the new releases are comming out! 😉  Take care and thanks a lot for everything! 😉

GothiCatz on Moda Fashion Spotlight – SLCN.TV

Thank you everyone of Moda Fashion Spotlight on SLCN.TV for featuring GothiCatz.

Check out the fashion show here:

Group chat closed (attending to your requests)

Hi guys! 

Due to many complaints I got about group chatters, I’m closing the group chat temporally. GothiCatz group is intended to be an UPDATE group from where you get the notices of the new releases. Not a general chat group. The group is today about 2500 members ( and growing)… so figure its impossible to manage! 😉  ( I’m closing the ability to join chat only! )

But on every notice we will be opening the group chat for some minutes for the usual comments, confraternization  and questions….  😉
I hope its good news for most of you!
Looloo Beck

Everyone wants to see you in Halloween!

Hi guys and girls! Finally I’ve created a photo pool on Flickr where everyone can submit photos wearing your favorite GothiCatz outfits matching all your favorite accessories! Its a nice opportunity for modelling showing off your best looks! I think its gonna be fun! 

Well it’s Halloween and I’d love to see yas there too!  (GothiCatz flickr photo pool’s link on bottom right of this page) ! 
Explore outside the store to find spooky creatures, sound effects and everything else to get you in the mood! 😉 And don’t miss the free pumpkin soup and donuts… chill with your friends, have fun and Happy Halloween!


Awesome Surrealia’s work! Chicanery’s scarecrows got funny amazing moves! All filmed in SecondLife! Great entertainement! 😉